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Devro collagen casings
Devro is the highest quality collagen casings on the market

Enjoy innovative Devro collagen casings that have natural look and gentle bite and wide possibilities of their use for smoked/cooked, dried, raw and cooked products.
Thanks to Devro collagen casings you will gain:
  • stability in the production and reproducible
  • constant availability of collagen casings
  • continuity of supply
  • high capacity of production: shorter production times, smaller losses compared to the natural casings
  • reducing production costs
  • reproducibility in the quality of the casings and thus also of the final product
  • microbiological purity, safety and traceability of the finished product

We encourage you to use our technological assistance in the implementation of collagen casings in your plant. We offer our help with setting on stuffing machine and by thermal processes. In order to establish technological tests, please contact directly with our Technology:

Małgorzata Ławniczak
502 079 725
After years of trying to create an ideal collagen casing, which is 100% natural we have achieved success. In this regard, we would like to offer you the best collagen casing on the market as an alternative to natural casings. Select S is the first casing imitating in 100% sheep casing. Products in this casing is characterized by the shape, "twist", a gentle bite typical products in sheep casings. Select S we recommend to sausages:
  • smoked cooked
  • semi-dry
  • dry
  • fresh/ripening

Select S is in calibers 15, 18, and 19 mm in color clear CE version (closed end).
Tender Plus is characterized by a gentle bite on the finished product and by its mechanical strength allows for very high speed stuffing without the risk of breaking the casing. Tender Plus is recommended for products which require a straight shape and uniform smooth surface sausage. The casing is available as a closed end and open end (CE/OE).

Tender Plus we recommend to sausages:
  • smoked/cooked
  • semi-dry
  • dry
  • available calibers from Ø13 to Ø32
  • available colors: clear and light brown
Fine is the most popular collagen casing in our market present for at least 30 years. Of course the development of this product for years and the improvements made by the manufacturer led to stress the advantages of Fine casings that its shape is very similar to the sheep casing. Hanging sausages 1/1, you will achieve natural shape characteristic to the sheep casing. Just as the casing Select S and Tender Plus Fine applies to smoked / cooked sausage and shrink the properties ideal for dried products, eg. cabanossi. Fine allows high speed production rate thanks to its exceptional strength of the material. We emphasize, however, that if you are looking for the best imitating sheep casing is especially recommended for collagen casing sausages Select S. Typical feature for Fine is a delicate casing corrugated which is visible on the finished product. Fine casing is available as a closed end (CE) and an open end (OE).

Devro Fine we recommend to sausages:
  • smoked cooked/baked
  • semi-dry
  • dry
  • available calibres from Ø17 to O31
  • Available colors: clear, caramel, smoke
We invite you to watch the video on Youtube channel:

Fresh Premium casing has a straight shape and equal smooth surface on the finish product. It is intended for fresh aplication, which later final consumer grills / fry or bake. The final product in the casing Premium Fresh is characterized by gentle almost imperceptible bite. Thanks to its mechanical strength casing allows for high speed of stuffing without the risk of breaking casing. The casing is available as a closed end and open end.

The casing is intended to products:
  • Fresh sausages, untreated heat treatment
  • Available calibres: Ø19 to Ø22
  • Available colors: clear
A viable alternative to gut, the Rondo range of edible curved casings offers caliber consistency and superb machinability coupled with excellent cooking performance and consumer acceptance across a wide range of sausage applications.
  • A curved casing before and after processing
  • Economically beneficial in many applications
  • Variants for processed cooked, dried and fresh sausage
  • Good machinability for heigh productivity
  • Controllable "Bite" qualities to match consumer expectations
  • Glossy fresh appearance for consumer appeal
  • Optimal smoke permeability for rapid processing with consistent colour and flavour
  • Calibre and shape consistendy for packaging simplicity controlled output
  • Hygienic and traceable sourcing for food safety and brand security
  • Clippable for larger sausage diameters

It is available in both CE and OE.

Rondo casing is designed for products:
  • smoked/cooked
  • semi-dry
  • dry
Available calibers: from Ø 20 to 36 in color clear
We invite you to watch the video on Youtube channel:

EDICOL S FLAT FILM / Flat film in reel or sheet form gives a premium quality finish to your hams. Effective processing, good smoke uptake and cooking, and easy net removal means more first grade hams. The high gloss finish adds value on the shelf.

Edicol S is available in widths: 40 cm, 48 cm, 58 cm

EDICOL T TUBULAR FILM / Large calibre tubular film provides the same benefits of collagen film but allows products to be produced under pressure rather than wrapped. This allows for a whole new range of applications.

Available calibers 60, 90, 105, 125
Available colors: natural, dymiony and caramel

EDICOL A TUBULAR FILM is used for the baked goods as well as frozen products. Other properties identical as Edicol A.

Available calibers: 90
Available colors: clear

Edicol Advantages:
  • Simple production on existing systems
  • Easy variation of final appearance
  • High quality finished appearance
  • Natural look
  • Slices or whole products
  • Excellent edibility
  • No peeling
  • Easy net removal
  • Hygienic and safe
We invite you to watch the video on Youtube channel:

Devro AFF is the most delicate collagen casings for sausages on the grill. AFF is visually similar to the casing Fine, has a shape close to a sheep casing and the knurled surface.

  • AFF is recommended to produce a wide range of smoked meats - steamed intended for barbecue and frying in deep oil. AFF type casings allow for efficient production on automatic and semi-automatic stuffing machine.
  • AFF is particularly recommended for white sausages where the casing is imperceptible, and much softer than the same product in the natural casing.

Available calibers 19, 21, 23, 28 only in clear
We invite you to watch the video on Youtube channel:

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