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About our company
P.Z. Panepol Sp. z o.o. is a modern commerce and services company with multiple years of experience in the meat processing supply trade and a brand known to all the meat manufacturers in the country.

The history of the company’s development includes a few significant dates:
  • the year 1989 is the beginning of activity in offices leased in the centre of Poznań, this is the creation of a market and working on gaining the customer’s confidence,
  • after a year the decision to construct the company’s own headquarters and placing it in Wysogotowo near Poznań is made, in one of the most frugal communes in Poland, the commune of Tarnowo Podgórne, located near Poznań,
  • in the year 1991 the work in the first office segment commences,
  • after a year the main warehouse, printing house, transport facilities and a second office segment were completed,
  • years 1992 to 1996 are a period of activity of the company on the market of fodder concentrates, distributes from rented warehouses in Wielkopolska,
  • further investment in infrastructure was a customs warehouse opened in 1994,
  • expanding on the national market for the supply of meat processing plants resulted in the opening of the first regional wholesale store in Stryków, a year later in Tczew and Łuków, in 1996 near Katowice, and in 1997 in Lubenia near Rzeszów (all still active),
  • the development of regional wholesale network created a need to purchase by the company its own car fleet, both vans and cars for the salesman operating in the area,
  • in 2005 a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points HAACP system was implemented, ensuring quality and safety in food trade,
  • year 2006 has seen the implementation of a modern IT management system, which connects the headquarters with all wholesale stores online.
  • after a dozen years of operation, a thorough modernization and refurbishment of the office and warehouse facilities took place in 2008; the facilities now truly live up to 21st Century.
  • the year 2008 also saw the modernization of the intestines warehouse and the awarding of an identification certificate by the District Veterinary in Poznań, no. 30216003.
The strategy of the company is to supply customers from entire Poland with the products they need – the best ones, in a price appropriate to their quality, and as fast as possible – to their content.

Our offer includes all sorts of imported and domestic meat and sausage casings, including cellulose, collagen and ring casings as well as collagen film for hams and smoked bacon. The increased durability of cured meats is provided by barrier fibrous casings, as well as imported and domestic polyamide casings in a wide variety of colors and gauges. We also provide our customers with domestic and imported protein casings and high quality natural pork and sheep intestines. The customer may find in our offer a wide range of soy protein isolates, made of non-GM soy, as well as seasoning mixes and functional additives. All the products have certificates which ensure that they are allowed to be used in products intended for human consumption.

A second group of offered products includes machines and specialized equipment for meat processing.
  • clipping devices, clippers, from the
  • tumblers,
  • injectors,
  • packing lines,
  • skin and membrane removal machines
  • ice peelers.
Our specialists will advise you on the choice of proper machine, will propose favorable conditions on supply, will supervise and implement installation and start-up, and try to meet all the requirements of our customers. Since we are a solid and proven supplier, we provide every machine with full warranty and post-warranty service.

As for services, we design and print patterns on casings using flexographic technology in accordance with the customer’s wishes. Our motto is the fulfillment of expectations of customers concerning the design and quality of execution.

Our mission is the creation of a modern, reliable and professional company. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and to attain a significant position on the market of meat processing supply. We constantly train our customers, so that their qualifications meet the expectations of our customers.

In order to facilitate the servicing of our customers we have created our own transport base, with our own vehicle fleet.

In the years of 1994-1997 we have built a network of regional wholesale stores, in order to be closer to our customers throughout the country.

They are located in:
  • Stryków near Łódź
  • Tczew,
  • Orzesze-Gardawice k/Katowic,
  • Łuków,
  • Rzeszów.

Our company has received financing for the project named
“Consultancy in order to prepare the PANEPOL company to implement an integrated company management system
in 2008 our company also introduced a modern IT technology by PANEPOL Sp. z o.o.”.
Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych w celach marketingowych przez firmę P.Z. Panepol sp. z o.o. i oświadczam, iż zostałem poinformowany o prawie żądania dostępu do moich danych osobowych, ich zmiany oraz usunięcia.

Wyrażam zgodę na otrzymywanie drogą elektroniczną na wskazany przeze mnie adres e-mail informacji handlowej i marketingowej od firmy P.Z. Panepol sp. z o.o.

Wyrażam zgodę na korzystanie z telekomunikacyjnego urządzenia końcowego w celu prowadzenia marketingu bezpośredniego.

P.Z. Panepol Sp. z o.o.
Wysogotowo k. Poznania
ul. Bukowska 18
62-081 Przeźmierowo
tel.: +48 61 814 38 22
fax: +48 61 814 36 62
e-mail: panepol@panepol.pl
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