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Nonedible colagen casings

FABIOS FG Protein Casings

Used for small, medium and large sausages and other smoked and cooked and smoked meats.

FABIOS casings are made of high quality collagen, perfect for smoking, resilient, my be clipped, and improve the traditional quality of manufactured products. All the casings have Polish certificates.

Color Symbol

natural FG
caramel FGS
mahogany FGC-3
plum FGC-9

FABIOS casings can be printed over with any patters in accordance with the customers requirements.

Offered gauges:
Ø22, Ø26, Ø28, Ø32, Ø35, Ø37, Ø38, Ø40, Ø45, Ø50, Ø55, Ø60, Ø65, Ø70, Ø75, Ø80, Ø85, Ø90, Ø95, Ø100

Methods of supply:
In rolls or wrinkled (in bars of various length)

  • Give a natural, appetizing look to the products
  • Allow a great color to be obtained by smoking
  • Good permeability to taste and aroma compounds
  • Permeable to smoke and water vapor
  • Efficient in manufacturing
  • Allow clipping in automated clippers
  • Environmentally friendly

FGP easily peeled casings

They are used for sliced meat products

There are three degrees of peeling easiness, P1, P2 and P3. FBIOS easily peeled casing are manufactured using high-quality collagen, peel easily and do not cause filling loss. FABIOS casings can be printed over with any patters, in accordance with the customer’s request.

Offered gauges:
From Ø45 to Ø80

Methods of supply:
In rolls or wrinkled (in bars of various length)

RTU - Ready To Use casings

RTU, or ready to use casings, have one common quality - they need no presoaking, or, in other words can be stuffed directly after opening the package. All kinds of wrinkled casings manufactured by FABIOS can be made as RTU casings. Wrinkled casings are soaked in a special solution and vacuum closed in plastic bags. This shortens meat production time and improves process flow. RTU casings are manufactured to highest quality and hygiene standards. At the same time, all advantages of traditional casings, for raw or ring sausages, are kept.


  • no need to presoak before stuffing,
  • repetitive soaking level,
  • reduction of losses due to soaking too many casings,
  • high speed of production process,
  • economical use,
  • high quality,
  • permeable to smoke and steam,
  • natural and appetizing look.



RTU casings can be used for the same types of cold meats that take traditional casings, meaning raw and ring cold meats. See: casings FG and FC, FW, FGP, FGR and FGL.



Simple casings:








FGC-2, FCC-2


FGC-3, FCC-2

dark caramel

FGC-7, FCC-7


FGC-8, FCC-8


FGC-9, FCC-9



Ring casings:











red salmon


dark caramel






The same colors are used for RTU and traditional casings - from natural, through caramel, mahogany or salmon. Custom colors may also be applied at customer's request.


Manufactured calibers:


For simple casings: 22, 26, 28, 32, 35, 37, 38, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80.

For ring casings: 32, 33, 35, 38, 40, 43, 45, 47, 50, 52.

Types of RTU casings:

  • FG, FC, FGR, FGL - simple casings
  • FW, FWR - ring casings



Packaging & customizing:

· wrinkling

· vacuum packing in plastic bags

Method of use:

RTU casings are applied in 4 steps: filling, clipping or tightening, thermal or cold smoke processing, cooling. The first step of the process is no longer needed as the casings are presoaked. Detailed information on specific stages of the application process are presented on the website.

FABIOS products are manufactured according to HACCP regulations and are certified by PZH, the National Institute of Public Health. We guarantee technological service, provide consulting, assistance and professional help.

FABIOS casings for raw sausages: FGR type


production of raw and durable sausages with the use of all manufacturing methods.


FABIOS casings for raw sausages give the sausages their characteristic appearance and fulfill the requirements of both traditional and modern production methods.










Calibers on offer:


22*, 28*, 32*, 35*, 37*, 38*, 40*, 45*,
50, 55, 58, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 100*, 115*
* with reference only to FGR casings

See recommended caliber after filling


In rolls, hanks or wrinkled (in rows of various length)

Quality features:

· our casings give products natural, tasty appearance

· they ensure quick curing process

· they acquire a beautiful color during smoking

· they dry up evenly together with the filling

· they facilitate homogeneous growth of the desired mold

· high pressure resistance when filling (FGL)

Instructions for use:

· clipping should be done on machines suitable for collagen casings with the use of appropriate clips

· casings must be soaked in the temperature of ca. 20°C for 2 - 5 minutes before use (for wrinkled casings soaking time should be extended)

· all the traditional curing methods should be used in the production (processing with cold smoke of up to 30°C).

FABIOS products are manufactured in compliance with the HACCP system rules and have the certificates of the Polish National Institute of Hygiene. Building upon our long-time experience, we provide our customers with technical service, advice and professional assistance

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