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Individual printing
Graphical projects and individual printings:

The packaging is intended to encourage the customer to purchase the product. That is why every meat manufacturer decides to make a printing on the casings, characteristic for the product and the company. In order to meet these needs we offer to our customers professional assistance by providing free graphical design for various product lines.

Our experienced designers take into account any wishes and comments to ultimately print aesthetically pleasing and distinctive and that will suit your expectations.

We offer high-quality flexographic printing photographic and simple, that has excellent quality, rich colors, is resistant to moisture, fat and temperature and is approved for contact with food. Application of flexographic primarily affects print quality and low cost compared to other printing techniques. Imprints are made in 6 colors on both sides of the barrier casings, collagen, polyamide and fibrous. For printing we use the best quality paints have certificates allowing contact with food printed material. We do not use the UV ink because of the poor quality of the paint in contact with food.

If you have any questions, ask a specialist

509 724 402

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Here are some sample designs of our prints:

Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych w celach marketingowych przez firmę P.Z. Panepol sp. z o.o. i oświadczam, iż zostałem poinformowany o prawie żądania dostępu do moich danych osobowych, ich zmiany oraz usunięcia.

Wyrażam zgodę na otrzymywanie drogą elektroniczną na wskazany przeze mnie adres e-mail informacji handlowej i marketingowej od firmy P.Z. Panepol sp. z o.o.

Wyrażam zgodę na korzystanie z telekomunikacyjnego urządzenia końcowego w celu prowadzenia marketingu bezpośredniego.

P.Z. Panepol Sp. z o.o.
Wysogotowo k. Poznania
ul. Bukowska 18
62-081 Przeźmierowo
tel.: +48 61 814 38 22
fax: +48 61 814 36 62
e-mail: panepol@panepol.pl
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